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A list of themes of the GDR-archives from 1949 till 1973
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On this website there are a lot of pictures from the German Democratic Republic. These pictures are from a great GDR photo archives. In these archives there are more then ten thousends of photos.
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The time area 1949 - 1973

1949 bis 1973
1949 bis 1973
1949 bis 1973
1949 bis 1973

Photos: the socialist ordinary weekday in the GDR

traffic, streets and cars in East Berlin
the avenue Unter den Linden in East Berlin, 1960
East Berlin in the 50ies, the Strausberger square, Stalinallee
outskirts of the city of Berlin, 1950
textiles in an department store, 1963
children in a holiday camp, summer 1958
a socialist secundary school in Berlin Köpenick, 1965
young pioneers play with a Vostok dummy
a camp at lake Hölzerner near Berlin, summer 1950
a house community, Berlin air, several things
young people, city of Berlin, Deutschlandtreffen 1964
the city centre of Leipzig, 1963
holiday at the Baltic Sea, Warnemünde, summer 1971
petrol station Minol, a highway, a motorbike shop
a kindergarden in East Berlin, 1973
Anna Seghers, Erwin Strittmatter and Gerhart Eisler
youth ordination in the GDR, the fashion, 1966
symbols and famous landmarks of East Berlin
East Berlin: department store Centrum, Alexander square, the world clock
cars, vehicles and busses in East Berlin, 1970

pictures of the political side of the GDR

state visit of Nikita Chruschtschow in East Berlin, 1963
commemoration for Joseph Stalin in East Berlin, 1953
pioneers, FDJ, banners, flags, May Day
an exhibition about Lenin in East Berlin, 1950
May Day 1951 and 1954
pioneers sing a song on a square
policical propaganda in East Germany in the 50ies
an incident at the inner-German border, 1965
the border police on the river Elbe, 1952
the soviet monument in Berlin Treptow
a railway for pioneers and children in Berlin Wuhletal, 1963

pictures of work and weekday in the GDR

young brigade with a FDJ-banner, 1961
the harvest in the region of Leipzig, 1955 and 1967
the harvest on the field, summer 1953
a harvest of potatoes, 1964
a socialist farm in the little town Pasewalk 1957 & 1964
the women of ruins in East Berlin, 1950/51
the construction of the avenue Stalin in East Berlin, 1950
the building of the sea port of Rostock, 1959
the mining, the factory Merkers, 1956
the oil factorys in Schwedt and Leuna, 1964
an instruction for railwaymen, 1960-65

pictures of sports in East Germany

winter sports - Oberhof 1952
volleyball in the Cantian stadium in the city East Berlin, 1952
the establishment of sports grounds
young runners in a forrest
a sports meeting in the city of Berlin
racing boats, 1955

pictures of 2007 - 2008


the tracks / traces of the GDR - Berlin 2007 and 2008

the avenue Karl-Marx in the city of Berlin
the demolition of the palace of the republic in East Berlin
the demolition of the palace of the republic in East Berlin
a monument of Ernst Thälmann
VEB, a former kindergarden an more
a former culture center Berlin Weißensee
the former prison in Berlin Hohenschönhausen
several old buildings in East Berlin
a former power station in East Berlin
Alexander square, signs of an old market

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Fakten zum F.C. Hansa Rostock Buch „Kaperfahrten – Mit der Kogge durch stürmische See“:
Herausgeber: Marco Bertram
Gebundene Ausgabe mit Schutzumschlag: 512 Seiten
Erstauflage: 30. November 2020

Sprache: Deutsch
Gebundene Ausgabe: 512 Seiten

Gewicht: 1,9 Kilogramm
ISBN-10: 3000665366
ISBN-13: 978-3000665363

Bestellmöglichkeit und Infos zum Buch "Kaperfahrten - Mit der Kogge durch stürmische See (1988 bis 2020)" von Marco Bertram.

Staatsbesuch Chruchtschow

innerdeutsche Grenze

The former inner-German border.
2003: A walk along the former border. About 1.000 kilometres.
2005: A work for the European Parliament: The new Iron Curtain Trail.
a lecture about the border
informations about the border
an exhibition


Hansa-Rostock-Buch Kaperfahrten:
Im Dezember 2020 kam das 512-seitige Buch "Kaperfahrten - Mit der Kogge durch stürmische See" auf den Markt.
In dem blau-weiß-roten Wälzer von Marco Bertram geht es um die Historie des F.C. Hansa Rostock von 1988 bis 2020. Von der DDR-Oberliga über die 1. Bundesliga bis zur jüngeren Vergangenheit in der 3. Liga. Mitgewirkt haben an diesem beeindruckenden Werk rund 20 Hansa-Fans.
Infos zum Buch Kaperfahrten auf
Infos zu Kaperfahrten auf

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